Removals in Kurnell
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Let’s face it. Moving to Kurnell is truly an exciting process that also brings significant emotional and physical stress. There are loads of things on the to-do list, and when you think all of them together, you can get certainly overwhelmed. Need a perfect solution? No worries! We have an expert-approved checklist for removals in Kurnell to make the process a whole lot relaxed. With the checklist in mind, you also get the opportunity to minimize the moving cost.

So, scroll down and read on the list of things you need to do step by step before the moving day comes.


How to successfully arrange Removals in Kurnell? 

Listed below is the checklist to help prepare your move that will save time, cut costs and lessen your stress.

8 Weeks Before the Move

Conduct research for a removalist:

Find a couple of high rated, renowned removalist companies and ask to get a free quote.

Sort and edit:

Look at all your possessions and note down which items you should take to the new place and which not.

Take care of children’s affairs:

If you have school-going children, visit the school to settle their affairs before removals in Kurnell.

Create a moving binder:

Have a binder that will hold important documents and information.

6 Weeks Before the Move

Visit the new place:

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your new residence as much as possible and pinpoint potential concerns. Maybe small entrance, insufficient storage or else. Plus, plan about what to do with the place.

Gather packing materials:

Bring out your big bags and suitcases. And if these are not enough for all your belongings, buy high-quality and heavy-duty removals packaging. For example, moving boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper and everything needed.

4 Weeks Before the Move

Start packing:

Since you already know which items you will bring with you, start packing accordingly. Pack the things first that you rarely use and the same as for other items too.

Choose your moving company:

Contact the removalist you have decided to partner with and confirm the agreement.

Contact all your service providers:

Get in touch with all the service providers you have yet used in the current address.

2 Weeks Before the Move

Reconfirmation of your moving company:

Make a review of all the arrangements you have prepared with your removalists to ensure you both have the same information regarding the removals in Kurnell.

Take your car to the mechanic for a tune-up:

To confirm your car will bring you to the new address without breaking down, visit a mechanic shop.


The Week of the Move

Pack your suitcases:

Complete packing everything and decide what you will do with things you don’t need.

Start cleaning out the fridge:

Have remaining contents, defrost your refrigerator and get it prepared for transport.

Make final confirmations:

Once again, have a final talk with your removalists and make sure there is no issue with the arrangement.

Make a list of everything to be transported:

It is necessary to confirm noting gets left behind. If you need a reliable and experienced local removalist, you can consider appointing Shire Removalist. Read other blogs for additional information.