Removals Storage

Removals Storage

Shire Removalist provides removals storage for when you are moving house. We can tailor a specific solution for all Shire removals.

Need a storage solution? Do you need temporary storage for your move, during your build or renovation, or overseas stay? Shire Removalist is a one-stop-shop. Typically storage facilities require you to move your own possessions resulting in double handling and higher costs. We can do the whole lot saving you time, money and effort.

Shire Removalist’s experienced team are professional packers. We can pack more into a space which will save you money. We also know how to pack to minimise damage. We use protective blankets where needed. Also, we are experienced movers. We lift heavy things without damaging the goods or property such as walls and floors.

Shire Removalist uses a secure storage facility to keep your possessions secure. Our facility has security staff and cameras ensuring your contents are safe. Our facility has 24/7 CCTV, on-site security personnel and restricted access.  We use the latest timber storage containers which are not only strong and secure, but breathable to keep your valuables safe from moisture, mould and dampness.

We also provide custom storage solutions that suit your circumstances. If you need access to your possessions during the storage period then we can provide a solution for this. If you don’t need to access your possessions then we have a solution for this that will be cheaper.

We have no long term contracts providing you with flexibility. If your circumstances change then you aren’t left with a costly long term contract. When you’re ready to have your possessions back we can return them at short notice.

Without giving away our specific process and intellectual property, a Shire Removalist removals service typically follows this process

Pros of using Shire Removalist for your removals storage


  • No double handling – it doesn’t make sense to have two different sets of people handling your storage property. Harder to coordinate and will cost more

  • Save money – double handling inevitably will cost you more money

  • Save time – using two companies will take longer to get your possessions into storage

  • Save on effort – handling two companies takes more time, effort, and stress

  • Professional packers can pack more into a space – professional packers have experience and training and they know what the most efficient packing methods are

  • Professional packers minimise damage to your possessions – they’re experienced in handling other peoples’ property

  • Professional movers who are practised at heavy lifting – they’re training and physically conditioned to lift heavy things without sustaining injuries

  • Highly secured premises – keep your possessions secure from damage and theft

  • No contracts – your circumstances may change so flexibility is highly regarded

  • Return your possessions when needed – allows you flexibility and control

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If you’re looking for a temporary storage solution as part of your house removal, or even looking for a storage solution but don’t want to pay two different companies for the removal and the storage, then get in touch with Shire Removalist. You can reach us by Phone or fill out our Quote Form