Packing Services

Packing Services

Are you moving house in Sutherland Shire? Shire Removalist offers packing services to make the removal process easy for you. Most people we talk to tell us the worst part of moving house is the pre-packing and unpacking. It’s the part that makes moving house stressful and this is widely considered the worst chore you will ever have to do.

Our professional team can pack your boxes fast and efficiently to save you time and stress without breaking any of your possessions. We will tailor a specific solution to your needs that gives you the balance you want. You can decide how much you want to do yourself and how much you will leave to us.

Our experienced team will guide you through the process because we know the ins and outs. We can provide you with advice on what to do with flat-pack furniture, petrol-powered garden tools and baby cots. We can disassemble furniture and reassemble it at your new home. We can drain your petrol-powered garden tools to have them ready to go on the truck. We can pack all your kitchen cutlery and utensils in a safe and efficient way to save you time and stress while avoiding breakages.

Full range of packing services

Shire Removalist offers a full range of packing services to choose from so you can pick the level of packing that suits your needs. Our full range of services include;

  • Complete move packing and unpacking service

  • Fragile packing for delicate items

  • Supply of materials so you can perform the packing yourself

  • Specialised crating for precious or fragile items

  • Extra levels of protection

We can also provide extra levels of protection by providing the following packing materials;

  • Protective furniture pads

  • Shock-resistant bubble wrapping

  • A wide range of carton sizes for different household items

  • Specialised moving boxes for TVs

  • Plastic protection bags for delicate and soft furnishings

  • Custom wrapping for high-value items

  • Protector bags for mattresses

  • If you require any specialised packages just bring them up before the move.

Shire Removalist uses a 20-point checklist to make sure you are getting the customised service that you want. We communicate to you all the pros and cons of doing things in certain ways so you can find the right balance between what is worth paying for a what isn’t. We’ll provide you with reminder texts with checklists leading up to the day to make it a stress-free process. We find pre-planning before the day takes a lot of stress out of it and we’re happy when our clients are stress-free.

If you’re looking for a Removalist that provides a Packing Service

Shire Removalist is an expert at pre-packing, unpacking, disassembling, and reassembling, not to mention we’re Sutherland Shire’s leading house removal experts.  We treat your belongings with the same care and attention we would our own. Our professional team is available to discuss your house moving requirements. You can get in touch via phone or just fill out our Quote Request Form and we’ll come back to you soon.