Hidden Costs of House Move
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It’s just a month left of your moving date! And you are ready to make lists of the items you need to shift first for the removals. That’s great! You can take help even from our previous blogs for packing and arranging stuff in the house move.

And, when the entire checklist has done, it’s time for setting up the budget. Yes, it will be expensive even if you are moving to the next city. But people often overlook the hidden costs at this moment and end up getting surprises on the day of the move.

Don’t worry! We will talk about the unnoticeable expenses in today’s blog. It will help you make a proper budgetary outline for relocation.

Unnoticeable costs for the house move

No doubt, it will be frustrating when you have to deal with unwanted expenses suddenly. That’s why you must find those hidden costs with us and plan ahead of the move. Such as:

Professional packers and packing for the house move:

Okay, here’s the first one! Yes, you can say that it’s not that much hidden. You may already have considered the maximum amount for it. But you have to pay attention to the additional charges. For example:

  • While hiring a moving company that gets you all covered from packing services to unpacking the stuff, getting quotes is a MUST! It will help you have a clear idea of the overall expenses and ensure if there is any hidden cost.
  • Some packers and movers charge additionally for the packing supplies that they have to customize for you. People generally forget the customization costs.
  • Have you considered the budgeting tips for the packers and movers? You have to include this one too in your plan.

Lease cleaning:

When moving to a new home, you can’t leave the old one messy and dirty. DIY cleaning is not a bad idea, though. Still, do you think you will get enough time to do so?

The end-of-lease cleaning is mandatory, and you need professional cleaning, of course! Hence, you have to count this out of your pocket cost and add it to the moving budget.

What’s about the storage?

It’s not something new that you have a plan to move on the weekdays and settle down on the weekends. In fact, it’s SMART enough! You can get the entire weekend to arrange your new home, including the furniture.

Then, picture this: You will hand over the keys and move all your belongings on Thursday and step into your new home on Saturday. It means you have to count the charges of removal and storage regarding this. Isn’t it?

Moving day costs:

Yes, you cannot skip your personal budget during the move. For instance:

  • The driving charges to your new home
  • The hotel accommodation up to the weekend if stepped out on the weekdays from the older house
  • Setting up the new utilities in the new address
  • Making arrangements for your pets

So, have you all set? If you have more queries, contact us and keep reading our blogs!