Office Move Checklist
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Office relocation is a great plan to expand your brand in bigger cities like Sutherland. Apart from this, moving to new business premises comes with more space.

On the other hand, the moving may seem exciting but not at all. It will be tedious and nerve-wracking if you do not have any plan yet. Well, hiring Sutherland Shire Removalists does not over your responsibility.

You must start planning for your office relocation at least six months ahead of your schedule. From informing the clients and banks to arrange all the files- it’s up to you. Without having a proper plan, you will merely make it possible.

A step-by-step guide for an office move

Our packers and movers may help you provide with the boxes, packing, and unloading the furniture. But the rest is on YOU!

Here’s a checklist for business moves that may guide you on what to consider and how stepwise.

#Step 1: Check your first priorities!

As we mentioned before, you need to take initials at least before six months. For example:

  • The first and foremost thing is to set your moving budget. It will help you keep a check over expenses.
  • Verify the property lease then. While leaving the space sooner than the contract, you may have the chance to cost the deposits. Also, the amount can get higher for the damages of the premises while moving furniture. Be sure of that!
  • Get quotes from us for your office removals. We can help you get an overall estimate for your business relocation to guide you in considering the budget again.

#Step 2: Whom to Notify!

Once you have decided your moving month or week, it’s time to inform all your employees, clients, banks, and insurance companies. Such as:

  • Keep your employees updated on the moving dates. Then, they can start arranging their work and backing up the data vital for any deals.
  • Inform your property manager of your office relocations.
  • Make sure that your current clients and stakeholders are well aware of your business move. If they have any issues, organise a meeting.
  • Notify the material supplier of your company and local partners you deal with.

#Step 3: Sending address

It’s a MUST to send your changed address to the banks and insurance companies. Apart from this, the internet service provider, food service companies, and account departments- let them know also.

#Step 4: Get ready for the move!

Now, it’s time to discuss the moving plan with your staff and movers. Instruct your employees how to sum up all the documents and files at least a month from the moving date. Make sure to keep back up on all the previous and current deals.

Then, contact us for a detailed moving plan, including the floor map. It will help our movers to ideate where and how to place the furniture at your new office premises.

We, Shire Removalist, hope that our office checklist will guide properly during the move. Our team can help you make your business move smooth and stress-free.