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Don’t deny that you wish your clients to understand a few things on their own that could make your tasks simple. Isn’t it? Our Taren Point removalists expect the same from you during the house or office move!

Yes, the moving may be complex sometimes! But at the end of the day, you want it to run stress-free and successful, especially while working with us. Honestly, you can help our movers here by taking care of simple overlooked facts!

Taren Point Removalists want you to ideate these facts

Here are those ‘OVERLOOKED’ facts that you should know! It will not only help to make your move simple for our removalists but for you too! Such as:

Get your packing done earlier!

Do you have any plan to pack your stuff on the moving day morning? Drop the idea! Unless your packers and movers may have to wait for hours, that will not only delay your plans but drives up the charges!

Try to handle your precious items yourself!

It doesn’t matter at all, whether you are moving your home, office, or both! You can’t leave the costly articles, including jewellery, documents, ID proofs, money, cards, and other high-cost items behind. Make sure to carry all these items in a different bag that you can take with you in your car personally! Or else, you may lose some in a rush during relocation.

Keep the kids and pets away!

If you follow us on Facebook, check the feedback of previous clients. You may find that we strive to deliver the best moving services with no delay!

When you want the same, help us with your children and pets. It would be best if you let them play outside or send them to your neighbour’s at the time of move! Otherwise, they may get in our way and injured that can hold up the process!

Make a checklist of your requirements!

It may be the best thing you can do to make the moving process faster and help us! For example:

  • List the items you want to get labelled
  • Fragile items that need safe and careful handling
  • Boxes that you want to keep at the top

We hope that our guidance may be helpful for you for the next hour or office removals. At Shire Removalist, our best packers and movers are ready to lend you a hand during relocations as per your requirements. Even if you need a storage option, let us know!